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Testimonials About Greg Loveless - Motivational Speaker - Trainer - Keynote Address

"Through the stories of his players who had to overcome one difficult situation after the other, Greg is able to relate to his audiences key strategies and perspectives necessary to achieve success even in the face of tremendous adversity. His stories reveal a powerful pattern; that success is not found in avoiding difficult situations, or by viewing them as "unfair," but by approaching situations with the right strategy."
— MichaelClouse, Editor-in-Chief, Nexera.com

"Greg Loveless has a unique gift of transferring his skills and techniques of coaching to real-life situations. I have had the opportunity to work with Greg in a sales training environment and he uses his personal coaching situations to provide simple lessons in strategy, focus, and perspective. I would recommend him to an organization who wants to learn proven concepts from a proven coach."
— PatriceMatteson, President & CEO, Dynamic Production, Inc.

"Greg spoke at one of our monthly training events and did a fabulous job. He has great presentation skills and has a knack for articulating the information in a way that it can be remembered. I would highly recommend him for your next event."
— TeresaEpps, Executive National Vice President, Indepedent Consultant, Arbonne.com

"This past month after you came I have seen such a change in my team. Your simple challenge to my team to start "swinging" and your gift for relating the power of this to them through real-life stories has made a huge impact. I feel that your training had both the motivational side of training and also gave them the "how" to move their business forward.

The power of your training is seen in the fact that our team has shown a $6,000 increase in volume over the previous month. In addition a lot of managers that were feeling challenged in their business have not only had an increase in their volume, but also an increase in the size of their teams.

I can attest to the fact that there was not a dry eye in the room at the end of your training. There is a sense of relief among my team members after hearing your real-life stories and realizing that like those in your stories, no matter the situation they encounter, they too can swing and win at their business. It was so impressive — you could have heard a pin drop in the room! They "got it"!

Thank you Greg for teaching us the simple fundamentals that are key to success in both our business and in our life!"
— LoriFunk, Regional Vice President, Indepedent Consultant, Arbonne.com


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